Sunday, May 2, 2010

no more please

Dear Snow,

I am sick of you.


I work in Park City. I realized when I took the job that my drive up Parley's Canyon could be interesting at times - particularly during the winter. There were maybe 4 days total that I had any trouble (and by trouble, I mean it took me a little longer than normal, not once did I get stuck, stopped, or hurt) getting up the mountain before April. One particularly bad time in March definitely takes the cake, but alas, nothing I couldn't handle.

At the beginning of April there was a huge snowstorm that lasted most of my week on. Okay, I told myself, it is the beginning of April and we are in Utah afterall - this is to be expected. After that though the weather got all warm and nice, blossoms started coming out, and silly me thought that winter was finally coming to an end. How very wrong I was. Today is my 5th day coming to work this week and 3 of those days have included a snowpacked drive up. Really?? It is May Mother Nature, did you miss the memo?

Moral of the story, I am SOOOOOO ready to not drive in the snow anymore. I want it to be warm and dry. Please, please can we go back to the beautiful weeks of spring?

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