Friday, April 23, 2010


Random thought of the day: Spring is my favorite time of the year. Hands down.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

false security

As anyone who reads my blog will remember, I made it a point to become a runner last year. I feel like i successfully accomplished that when I finished a half marathon last August. Since then, I have been hit and miss on the running thing - until the last few months, which is when I discovered the treadmill.

Now, previously I was treadmill-phobic. It took me weeks to become comfortable even walking on the treadmill. Eventually though, I got there and was able to run according to my desires.

My first day running outside happened this last week. Worst. Run. Ever. Wow, had the treadmill led me into a false sense of security.

Rest assured, it will be a long time before I hit up the treadmill again.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


It has been far too long so here is a quick update on what the last month and a half of my life has been like:

1. I was diagnosed and cured of ringworm. Gross. I know.
2. I drove in some of the craziest snow we have had all year.

3. I also worked on perfecting the art of a toe side turn on my snowboard.

4. Spent a lot of money on hiking shoes.
I will admit though, they are pretty sweet. I had no problem scaling some pretty steep rocks.
Which brings us to...

5. Hunter and I went to Moab! We hiked around in both Arches and Canyonlands for a few days.
It served as a nice break from the cold.
While hiking around and having no problem scaling rocks in my killer hiking shoes, I got on a rather steep rock with 30-40 ft dropoffs on either side and couldn't quite get myself back down - turns out it is a lot harder to get down than it is to get up. The result of that was...

6.  I suffered from some severe rock burn. Don't worry, Hunter caught me at the end of my slide down the rock so I didn't fall off any cliffs. At least it was only rock burn, right?
7.  Upon returning to work after my Moab vacation, I went through IV training and then gave blood in the same day. If you were to look at my arms you would think I was a druggie. I promise that is not the case. haha.

8. And last but not least, I enjoyed some pretty amazing cheesecake, compliments of the Cheesecake Factory and my boyfriend last night.

Life is good.