Thursday, October 30, 2008

picture documentary

here is a summary of the last week or so of my life...
we took random pictures in my car
the things a student will do for extra credit (like dress up as a parasite for example)

we carved pumpkins

and they turned out looking fabulous

and some more of girls night...

that's all.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

girl's night

Since it had been a while, some of us girls decided that we needed to play last night.  So, Emily, Sarah, Kati, and I went out for a night on the town (well kind of...).  To start it all off, we went out to dinner at Fazoli's.  It was some pretty amazing Italian food.  For some reason though, it took them ten minutes to make Emily's sandwich and only about 30 seconds to make everyone else's pasta.  We were a little confused.  Afterwards, to help Kati could get in her exercise for the day, we decided to go walk around the mall.  We went into random stores and tried on clothes that we would never wear, however; they would have looked stunning in the 80's.  It was kind of fun because we would piece together random articles of random colors and try them on.  The best part is that we actually looked good in some of the outfits that we concocted (e.g. Sarah in the below picture).

Afterwards we went back to Sarah's house and helped her finish making the invitations to her wedding ceremony, which she reminded us is in 27 days...well, 26 now.  We had so much fun and we will definitely be doing it again!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

what dreams are made of

It is a bad sign that as I was trying to fall asleep all I could think about was lipoprotein lipase? Or that when I woke up one of the first things I thought about was lipoprotein lipase?

Thank you compreshensive midterm exams.


As requested, I have decided to resume blogging. I have been insanely busy with school and work and thus, my blog has been neglected. No need to fear, I have come back around to the good side and will try my best to keep it updated.

Last night, my brother called me and said that he was coming up to go to the Haunted Forest in American Fork with his friends, and wondered if I wanted to come. So, my Friday night was spent being frightened (well sort of...).

I am not by any means a haunted house enthusiast, but for the most part I was very impressed with the show last night. We ended up going to both the Psycho Manor and the Haunted Forest. A quote from their website ( says this about just how terrifying it can be:

"Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a real forest overflowing with demons and ghouls. Caves, swamps, abandoned mine shafts, rundown shacks and other sights that will make your blood curdle. Haunted Forest is not an old supermarket maze filled with amateurs, this is the closest thing you will ever come to the real thing. Make sure to bring plenty of friends, because people rarely make it through alone."

Though this might be a slight exaggeration, if you like to get scared and feel the Halloween spirit, I would recommend this experience. Beware: they do have men carrying around chain saws. Yes, I know that they don't have their chains on them and that they can't even hurt you really, but I DO NOT like them. Not one bit. I can handle all the scary monsters and painted faces, even the people randomly appearing in front of me, but not the chain saws. They make me run every single time - without fail.

What really makes it scary though is the anticipation of being scared. While you are waiting line, they have scary music, gory movies, men with chain saws running about, and pictures such as the one above posted around the area. If we hadn't waited in line for as long as we did (probably only about 15) the whole experience wouldn't have been nearly as scary.

Other things - I am now officially halfway through my final semester of classes! I get to start my internship in a couple months and then I will graduate in April! How crazy is that? I must be getting old or something. haha.