Tuesday, February 17, 2009


My President's day weekend adventures can be summarized in this short list - 

1. I went snowboarding at The Canyons with Emily, Hunter, Steve, and John.
2. Once we arrived at the resort (I rode up with Emily and Hunter) Emily realized that she forget her snowboarding boots. This is kind of a critical part of going snowboarding.
3. We go and rent boots for Emily.
4. If you have ever been to The Canyons, you know that it is a HUGE ski/snowboarding resort. 
5. We began to work our way to the top and over a few lifts - making it so that we have to go up and down a series of lifts and hills in order to back to where the car can be found.
6. Emily falls on her elbow and then gets ran into, causing her to fall onto it again all within 2 minutes.
7. Emily can no longer snowboard down the mountain without potentially losing her right arm.
8. After the boys get to where Emily and I are, we try and come up with a genius plan on how to get her down the mountain since she can no longer ride. Said plan goes as follows: Hunter and I will go down the hill, get the car, and drive up to where she is - which is right by a rode, luckily. Flawless, right?
9. We leave the backpack (full of all our food) with Emily and John and head down the mountain.
10. 30 minutes later, Hunter and I are walking through the parking lot to his car when he realizes that his keys are in the backpack that we left on the mountain. At this point in time, the lifts are closed so we can't get back up the mountain to where Emily is.
11. John comes down to save us all from being stranded and gives us a ride to where Emily is.
12. The road that we need to be on in order to pick her up is part of a gated community. So, we sneak in behind a car that has access.
13. We successfully make it to where Emily is and save her from potential kidnappers.
14. John returns us to Hunter's car and we all make it home successfully.
15. Thank you everyone for a fun filled holiday! haha.

The end.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

little blessings

Every third weekend I can be found at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center in the Laboratory. I am there working for twelve hours on both Saturday and Sunday. As such, I get to attend the little sacrament meeting hosted by the hospital branch. It generally consists of an array of hospital workers, patients and their families, as well as the branch presidency with their wives. The congregation ranges from about 10 up to 50 people.

It amazes me how strong the spirit can be felt in even such a small group. The hymns are sung loud and clear with no reservation despite singing capabilities. I love it! The people that come aren't always dressed up in Sunday clothes due to whatever circumstances they are coping with, but they are doing their very best to be there. The fact that a lot of those patients even come is amazing - they are very sick and I am sure that the Lord would understand them staying in bed for the day, but they still make the special effort to be there. During the sacrament you can hear the click and hum of oxygen tanks. There is special room made for all those in attendance in wheelchairs. Those who bless and pass the sacrament may be EMT's who are in on an ambulance run, housekeepers, or doctors. Hospital staff who need to return to work are excused after the sacrament. There is such a feeling of love and acceptance all around in that little chapel. I am so grateful for the opportunity that I have to take time out of my work to attend this little sacrament meeting!