Saturday, October 9, 2010

something's fishy

We are the owners of 15 little fish!

We bought the aquarium on Wednesday, set it up, and let the ecosystem start forming. Today I went and bought the fish. They are cute, tropical, colorful fish. I probably spent half an hour just watching them swim around once I put them in the aquarium, and when I fed them that was an adventure in and of itself. haha.

This promises to be a fun experience :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

where to begin

I don't even know where to start on this update.

How about a few more engagement pictures? We were supposed to get this round of pictures taken when we got our first round of pictures taken, but due to complicated circumstances, we weren't able to. Even though I was weary to dress up and get my picture taken again, I'm glad we did because these pictures turned out really well.

My mom says that we embody the Taylor Swift Love Story personna very well in these pictures. haha. Kinda fun :)

Next, we can move on to wedding day events. After stressing about it for months, everything went so smoothly. I am sure that is due in large part to all the help that was offered from family and friends. It was beautiful, everything about the whole day. 

And some pictures from the Salt Lake Reception:

This is just a sampling of the wedding photos. In fear of picture overload, I will let you see the rest on facebook. Everyone was so amazing and helpful-family, friends, bridesmaids, photographer-thank you everyone for helping to make the best day of my life so wonderful!

And so married life begins! We went to Kauai on our Honeymoon which was perfect. Hawaii is beautiful - the water is clear, the temperature is perfect. We had so much fun! 

This last week we have been really settling in to our apartment. It has been such a fun experience setting things up together and making our house livable. While living with a boy is definitely an adjustment, I wouldn't change it for the world. What is really weird now is adjusting to real life again. Neither of us had to work much the first week back from our honeymoon, this week however; is different. It is weird to be home alone while Hunter is at work - not exactly something I am used to. haha. Also, I seem to have soooo much time now. While we were engaged it seemed like every minute of every day was planned and now I just hang out and do things at my leisure. Definitely not something I am used to. 

Hopefully one side effect of all this free time of mine will be more blogging! Also, I have internet access inside my apartment now which should also help.  Anyway, until next time (cross your fingers that it isn't December before I update again).